We Are Local Home Buyers in Maryland

We value fun, family, integrity, and compassion!

Hello! We’re Ian and Melanie! Real People Just Like You!

We started this company with a goal similar to most businesses when they are first getting started, to grow our business into one that is profitable. However, we chose this business because we believe it provides us with the opportunity to have a positive impact on the greatest number of lives when compared to any other business that we could have started in the same amount of time.

Ian and I are passionate about a few things: our family, having fun, and helping others! And we’ve got two kiddos who love to goof around just as much as we do (see below)!

Melanie Hartmann is the founder and CEO of Creo Home Buyers. She does a little bit of everything from, managing the website for Creo Home Buyers, to meeting sellers at their property to present an offer to buy their house. Being born and raised in Baltimore, MD, she has been interested in real estate since since elementary school when she wrote a short paper on how to bring value back to neighborhoods by renovating vacant houses in Baltimore.

Melanie actively begin pursuing purchasing real estate in 2016. During this time she found it hard to come across properties listed by realtors that would make sense for her to purchase as an investor. In further research she discovered she could assist sellers out of bad situations with their properties while also buying properties that met her buying criteria. All she had to do was simply reach out to sellers or give them an avenue to find her, such as this website.

By investing in real estate, Melanie plans to use the time and resources it provides to put efforts back into Our Mission: serving students and funding programs to help young adults obtain gainful employment and have successful school careers.

Ian Armitage, the co-founder of Creo Home Buyers, was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. With an educational background in mathematics and mathematics education Ian is passionate about helping young people. While in college, Ian tutored Baltimore City school students through the reading intervention program Reading Partners.

After college Ian spent a year working at a sales and marketing firm. He found the best piece of advice he received during that year was that being a good listener is a lot more important than being a good talker. Ian got into real estate because he felt that was where he could do his best listening, have the biggest impact, while still having dinner with his wife and children.

Ian prides himself on his honesty and integrity. Very few things in this world can be done without trust and trust is the focus of Ian’s approach to real estate. Helping out those who may have had a bad experience trying to sell their home in the past, either by themselves or with an agent. It was also impossible for Ian to pass up the opportunity to work with his wife everyday, growing as a family, as partners, and as professional home buyers.

Us as a fancy zombie family for Halloween. Make-up didn’t quite turn out!
Family Fun on the School Bus