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We are local, friendly, honest, and some may say even a little… spunky!

Local Home Buyers in Maryland

(psst… just in case you hadn’t heard, we buy land in Maryland too! Yes, yes we do!)

So, you’re here to learn a little bit more about our company and how we buy houses. To learn more about who we are head on over to our about us page to see what we are all about! If you want to know why we do this, head on over to our mission page.

We know, there are sooo many house buying companies in Maryland these days! You may have received texts, mail, or calls from these companies! (Or maybe that was us?) Or maybe you’ve seen those illegal “We Buy Houses” signs on a busy intersection in Baltimore (Those were definitely not us).

Everyone says the exact same thing: We buy houses fast, for cash, close on your terms, etc. etc. etc. Well, you’ve probably heard it all before. Maybe even on our website because, well that is what we do. However, that’s not all we do!

So, what do we do?

What We Do As Local House Buyers In MD

(well, our name says it all, don’t you think?)

Creo Home Solutions Logo

Creo Home Buyers

You may be thinking, “What? Your name doesn’t ‘say’ a thing! And what does ‘Creo’ even mean?!? I’m leaving!”

Wait! I mean, aren’t you at least a little curious what “Creo” is all about anyhow? Of course you are! Keep reading! We’ll explain!

Ok, back to WHAT WE DO:

We don’t always do the work ourselves, but when we do, I try to get Ian to take a selfie with me! 😉

We buy houses either to Fix-up and Sell or to Rent. Yes, a lot like our favorite house-flipping shows (but they do over-inflate the actual money being made on those flips).

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Anyway, if for some reason we are not the best fit to buy your property, we are usually able to connect you to other local real estate professionals who can truly can help, even if we can’t!

Now how many house buying companies do you know that do that? Certainly not those national companies! And not many local ones either…

And now for the answer you’ve been (so patiently) waiting for. What is “Creo Home Buyers” all about?

Well, it all stems from our three core values.

Creo Home Buyers: 3 Core Values

  1. Creo: Latin for “Create” or in this case “Creative” – In developing the name for our company, we wanted it to reflect our core values. Yes, we are a house buying company that offers to buy your house fast. This is our main focus. However, after a few months in the business we quickly realized that we offer more than most house buying companies. If a quick sale of your house is not what you are after, we work with you to “create” ways for you to sell your house another way so that you can still walk away with what you wanted! We work creatively! (Yes, we admit “Creo” is a bit of a stretch to “Creative” but Creative Home Buyers was already taken by many companies and it really isn’t very creative is it? We didn’t think so either…).
  2. Integrity – We operate ethically and honestly. (Don’t all house buying companies say that?). Well, maybe it’s true but we still hold integrity as one of OUR core values. Any business that operates with integrity will have the greatest chances to succeed while serving others! That’s what we believe anyway.
  3. Team-Oriented – (Guess what?!?) When you work with us, you are part of our team. We work together as a team to ensure we succeed. We work with you to come up with a solution that helps you reach your goals for selling your property! TEAMWORK makes the DREAM WORK! (See what we did there with solution. 🙂 We know, it’s not as creative as our use of “Creo”… haha)

Essentially, our company works with you to buy your property quickly! If it turns out we are not the best fit to buy your property, we will connect you to a local real estate professional to assist you in getting your property sold!

See What Others Are Saying

“Work With Homeowners to Find Solutions”

I’ve been working with Melanie on growing my real estate consulting and rehab business and she has has been nothing but great! From sharing tips on how to market online and how to work with homeowners to find solutions they need to sell their home she has given me great advice that has improved my overall service and made me a better business owner. If you live in the Baltimore area and you need to sell your home fast and get a fair cash offer go with Melanie and the Creo Home Solutions team. She wont let you down!
Tolani O. [Real Estate Colleague]

Creo Home Buyers: Legitimate House Buyers in MD!

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(We hope you found the spots of humor, to be… humorous!)

In reality, selling your house is stressful, especially when you have to sell fast. You want to work with individuals who will take you seriously and get the job done! We are here to bring a lot of value (and a little humor) to make the process of selling your house simple (and fun)! We look forward to the opportunity of discussing whether our cash offer is the right fit for you and your situation.

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