Why We Are Buying Houses In Maryland

Ultimately, our goal is to put some of our profits right back where they belong. Our local community!

Before jumping into real estate full-time, both Ian and Melanie worked with students in the Baltimore area. Working in schools, we realized that we loved the work that we could do. However, it became apparent that there was an ever increasing amount of paperwork and other duties that would continue to limit our ability to make a positive impact on students’ lives (unless a LOT of work was taken home which in turn would take a LOT of time from our own family).

Knowing the benefits of early intervention for young students and continued focus on improving academic, social, and emotional skills throughout a students’ school years, Ian and I wanted to do more. However, our career paths in the school system did not provide sufficient funds or time needed to pursue these efforts.

Our local schools are in dire need of research-based reading programs to assist students who are struggling. Particularly for our students over the age of nine, as it becomes more difficult to learn how to read after that time. Additionally, many families are working just to cover bare minimum living expenses and many more continue to go without gainful employment. This makes it nearly impossible for young adults and their families to pay for college tuition, room and board, or even textbooks.

As Creo Home Buyers continues to grow, we plan to begin our efforts in supporting local students succeed academically and young adults succeed in obtaining job training, college degrees, and/or gainful employment upon leaving school. Ultimately, our goal is to leave our community in better shape than when we found it!

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